We're delighted to share that the latest issue of our student magazine, The Lookout, is here! Each issue of the magazine brings fresh perspectives and insights from students across the country, exploring topics from safety on nights out, to the power and benefits of community action for young people. 

In Issue 6, four talented writers give us the lowdown on societies and their role in student safety and welfare, student accommodation pros and cons, dangerous clichés around masculinity, and how to be an active bystander. Their articles are accompanied by work from our fantastic student illustrators.

We’re delighted that this issue of The Lookout is funded by the City Bridge Foundation, which has enabled us to distribute 25,000 printed copies directly to student halls across England and Wales.


Read issue 6 of The Lookout here!


Issue 5 of The Lookout caused a storm on TikTok, so we owe a big thanks to our four influencers: @ma.dihah, @idrisaliwastaken, @eeshaanghanekar and @emtravels_.

We’re looking for even more input from young people with creative ideas for Neighbourhood Watch content. Are you a keen writer? Illustrator? Someone brimming with plans for how The Lookout could be marketed effectively? Get in touch by emailing: youngpeople@ourwatch.org.uk.