A group of neighbours in Lakeside Edge Hampton, Peterborough have come together and set up their own Neighbourhood Watch. 

50 residents have been busy organising their watch group to deal with those who are involved in anti social behaviour on the estate. 

To help them the City Council has supplied them with Neighbourhood Watch street signs to display on their estate.

They have already faced anti social issues, which all the community has come together to address in partnership with the local councillors. Having a Neighbourhood Watch scheme was a logical next step and credit to all the residents for being involved. It’s a pleasure to fund the street signs to support the new watch at Lakeside Edge.

City Cllr John Howard


It just made sense to set up our own watch, it’s brought neighbours together and now we all look out for each other. I recommend Neighbourhood Watch.

Karen King, Street Coordinator


Lakeside Edge is welcomed to our 300 plus watch groups of neighbours across the City. It’s simply neighbours looking after neighbours. Congratulations to all at Lakeside

Alan Paul, Chairman of Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough

We encourage you to have your own Neighbourhood Watch - it’s free, it works.  Register on www.ourwatch.org.uk and then notify the Peterborough team email info@nwpeterborough.co.uk