When it comes to securing your home, there are a variety of options. This article looks at some practical home security and safety tips to make your home a little safer.

There are many safety and security options when it comes to protecting your home, and with this multitude of choices, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. Neighbourhood Watch Network is always on the lookout for new and innovative security products and services to partner with to help make homes and communities across the UK a little safer. This month we’d like to introduce you to LockLatch a versatile security device with a variety of uses, but primarily focussed on securing entry points in the home. 

Why is home security important?

If we take a deeper look at burglary statistics, the numbers initially seem quite reassuring. According to statista.com burglaries in England and Wales are at their lowest levels since 2003, with a decline of 116 000 cases when compared to the previous period. However, it is important to note that this substantial drop is largely due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown restrictions that came with it. It stands to reason that as our society returns to normal these numbers will correct themselves. 

Home security should be a proactive process and it pays to be prepared. According to the Office for National Statistics 2020 Survey, burglaries cost residents a median amount of £600 per burglary, however, due to the number of high-value crimes the average cost per burglary is £2856. 

How secure is your home against thieves?

There are many ways that burglars could gain entry to your home, but the two most common entry points are doors and windows. 67% of burglars will enter through a door, and in 21% of cases, the door is unlocked. They simply open it and walk inside. A further 29% of thieves enter through windows. That’s why Neighbourhood Watch Network recommends the W.I.D.E.security combination to secure your home. This acronym represents Window Locks; Interior lights on a timer; Door double or deadlocks; and exterior lights on a sensor. Houses that cover these four simple security areas are 50% less likely to become the victim of a burglary.

Home safety and security tips 

While there are many home security measures you can take to reduce your chance of falling victim to a burglary or home invasion, we want to focus on the ones most relevant to our product, namely doors and windows. At LockLatch we believe that by improving door and window security we can go a long way to making homes across the UK safer and more secure. If you are looking for a more holistic home safety checklist, you can find one on the LockLatch blog.

Secure all doors and entryways

LockLatch is a lockable door and window latch aimed at securing the most common entry points to your home. The LockLatch range of products include the eponymous LockLatch as well as the PetLatch and MiniLatch. These devices feature a patented design, which means they can be installed in minutes with a little DIY knowledge and either screws or pop rivets (depending on the type of door or window). The adjustable C304 stainless steel arm can then be used to control the size of the opening, meaning you can leave these doors slightly ajar while still ensuring that they are securely locked. Each of the three devices allows for a different size opening allowing for smaller gaps for ventilation (in the case of the MiniLatch) as well as larger openings for pet access (in the case of the PetLatch).

Besides helping to improve home security, this design comes with a range of benefits including improved peace of mind and ventilation in the home

Pet door alternatives for added security

As we have mentioned before LockLatch devices are available in three specialised versions. PetLatch is designed to help provide access for small to medium sized dogs. There are a number of benefits that make the PetLatch a great alternative to a conventional dog door. The PetLatch works by connecting the door to the door frame with an adjustable metal arm, which allows your pet to pass freely through the space. Unlike conventional pet doors, the PetLatch doesn’t require you to cut a hole in your door, and can be placed on your pet’s preferred access point to reduce the need for training.

Have you considered window security and safety?

Aside from doors, windows are the second most popular entry point for burglars. Luckily the LockLatch and MinILatch are designed to fit on any style of window from heavy wooden windows to modern aluminium sliding windows. While LockLatch allows for openings between 9 cm and 17 cm, the MiniLatch is ideal for windows where you don’t want a large gap (it adjusts to anywhere between 4.5 cm and 8 cm making it perfect for indoor pet owners or homes with young children). These devices are perfect for windows, because these are often such an important source of ventilation and they allow you to keep your window slightly open, but also securely locked. 

Balcony safety and patio security 

Because these devices are designed to fit onto most types of doors, they are a great solution for balcony and patio security where uPVC and aluminium doors are often installed. Not only does the device easily fit onto these doors, but also allows you to keep them slightly open for much-needed ventilation.

Install visible security

Visible security measures such as motion sensor lights, CCTV, doorbell cameras and alarm company signs are a great way to deter potential thieves. While there is always a risk of a break-in no matter what measures you take, thieves are looking for soft targets and visible security might just be enough to discourage them from choosing your property.

Maintain your garden

A well-maintained garden means fewer hiding places for opportunistic burglars. Conversely, an overgrown garden provides hiding places for thieves allowing them to observe the schedules of homeowners and look for security weaknesses. 

Light up your property

Aside from doors and windows, the W.I.D.E. security combination also focuses on interior and exterior lighting. There is little doubt that a well-lit property is a safer property. Security lighting can broadly be divided into two categories: interior lights and exterior lights. Interior lighting on a timer helps create the illusion that someone is home, which could discourage a burglar looking for an easy target. Like a well-maintained garden, exterior lighting helps prevent thieves from skulking around a property and looking for an access point. When combined with a motion sensor the exterior light can also serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves.

What LockLatch customers have to say

We could go on and on about the benefits of LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch, but why not take a look at what our many happy customers across the UK have to say.

“I would fully recommend Locklatch to friends. The company kept me up to date at each stage of the order and helped me with advice about fitting. It fitted despite an insulation panel blocking the middle of the door. I am not a DIY guru but with a drill and screwdriver I finished the job in around fifteen minutes. I'd recommend watching the online video first. I think in retrospect, the Locklatch rather than PetLatch would have been more suitable as the gap is quite big for a cat even on the smaller setting. But the kind people there even offered to swap it for me. Good luck Locklatch and thanks for your product and support. Hopefully I'll get some sleep now and my cat can refrain from waking me at all hours of the day ;) bw”

Alex, London, England.


“Once you get the position correct, fitting is a 5 min job. It takes longer to get the tools out! Once in place the catches are VERY solid. A good, very well made product. Kind regards”

Darren, Surbiton, Surrey, UK

“Just gotta say as well that your customer service is on the top of its game. Cracking after sale service. To think I had my lock off over 3 years ago now and you're still providing me with excellent service willing to help me out with new keys really does say a lot about your company. Speak to you later Steve. Thanks again.”

James, Shropshire, UK

Secure your home today with LockLatch devices

When it comes to improving your home security, you can’t go wrong with a LockLatch, PetLatch or MiniLatch to add that extra layer of security. These versatile devices come with a  lifetime guarantee and for a limited time only they are available to Neighbourhood Watch members at a 15% discount with a further 15% fundraising donation on each sale going to support NWN in their goal of making neighbourhoods across England and Wales safer.

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