Carol, from Cornwall, has lived alone since the death of her husband of 40 years. She does not post on social media but she does like to check tweets and Facebook posts of lovely, positive people .... which is how she came across Neighbourhood Watch’s Calling Card campaign.

The idea of The Calling Tree really appealed to Carol – mainly because many years ago, she was paid to make phone calls! Immediately after leaving school in 1970, she trained as a Post Office telephonist, and she still loves making and receiving phone calls at home.

‘There must be many people who have a landline, but no online method of contacting others – such as Skype or Facebook, etc. – so “growing” a Calling Tree is perfect. The idea is simple and anyone can join in. This is how I “planted” my tree ....

I rang my friend Sue in Cornwall (I’ve known her for over 20 years); then I rang Candy in Kent (we went to the same grammar school); and then I rang Debbie in Lincolnshire (she is my step daughter and although I would normally see her when she and her husband come down to Cornwall, we are making the most of phone calls and emails at the moment). All three promised to continue to grow the tree via their own friends.

In these extraordinary times, so many people cannot see family and friends as they would normally do. Having a landline can be a lifeline to keep in touch with others. Let’s hope there will be countless Calling Trees growing throughout the UK.' 


Find out more about The Calling Tree campaign here.