Today, during Race Equality Week (7th – 13th February),  we are proud to share our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Statement.

Our statement sets out our intention to become a more inclusive, diverse network and our commitment to remove barriers to inclusion for people from all backgrounds. Our statement supports a society where everyone feels safe where they live and work, and in public spaces. It highlights how Neighbourhood Watch promotes a culture of respect and dignity and will not tolerate discrimination in any form. 

The statement highlights that we want to reach supporters from a broader section of the community, engage with and represent diverse individuals and groups, and attract volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

The full statement can be read

To further action our commitment to race equality, our CEO, John Hayward-Cripps, has made a public promise through the Race Equality Matters website to:

  • set a zero tolerance to racism and microaggressions policy, with published, clear consequences for those that do not adhere
  • build the mechanisms to identify, recruit, develop and promote ethnic minority people and develop the talent pipeline within the organisation
  • support and develop Neighbourhood Watch to ‘take specific actions’ to address inequality across the organisation.
Race Equality Matters promise