Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

The Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Association was set up as a method of developing close liaison between households in a neighbourhood, the local police and the local authority. They work very closely with Lincolnshire Police and they have the full support of the Lincolnshire Chief Constable. The aim is to help people protect themselves and their properties, to reduce the fear of crime and improve their local environment by:

  • improved home security
  • greater vigilance
  • fostering a community spirit
  • and improving their environment.

Lincolnshire has a growing family of District Associations, at present there are nine, and in that there are over 2,500 schemes (coordinators), covering in excess of 65,000 households, a substantial extra number of 'eyes' for the Police in Lincolnshire. These figures are rising monthly due to the efforts of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

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