Strength in numbers

This is a community venture.  If your scheme is large, or you are intending that it will be particularly active, it might be worth asking members if anyone would act as a second coordinator, or deputy.  You might even want to set up an action group from within your members.

Funding and fundraising

Getting funds is not as daunting as it may seem.  First, have a think about how much money you think you will need.  Your group may be able to access resources such as printing, food, space, etc through their own existing networks. This may mean you don’t have to apply for funds or those that you fundraise for a minimal. 

More information about fundraising can be found on our fundraising pages here.

Keeping everyone talking

Keeping in touch regularly is important – not just about crime but positive things too.  How will you keep the neighbours talking?  This could be meet-ups, email, telephone, social media, apps?

  • Will you produce newsletters? If so, how often and who will produce them?
  • How will you talk with the police and other agencies?  Many groups meet with their local police and/or PCSO.
  • If you plan to use social media, who will administer it?  How can you use social media effectively?
  • How will your scheme keep an eye out for and connect with vulnerable people within your community?

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing crime, it’s about building strong, resilient communities, where people know their neighbours and feel a sense of ownership and belonging.  Beyond your own members, you can use local media and social media networks to communicate the work that Neighbourhood Watch is doing and the positive impact it is having.

Get together

Meeting up is a useful time for getting things done and including everyone’s ideas.  It’s helpful to everyone coming to know what will be talked about and so preparing an agenda can be helpful.

The right frequency is key, so people want to come along and be involved.  Meetings are best when they help you to deliver what you would like to achieve.

Schemes achieve more if their members come together for regular meetings, so here are a few ideas that can help when arranging these.