Our Subject Access Request Policy and Procedures outlines the responsibilities and procedures for Neighbourhood Watch Network if a subject access request is received.

Neighbourhood Watch groups that hold personal data in local systems (databases, email, hard copy etc.) are also subject to the same responsibilities to make that data available to the person requesting it.

The Association Chair should take responsibility to ensure that their Neighbourhood Watch groups and coordinators comply with their own responsibilities to check their systems and records and provide the data that they hold. They should ensure that information, from all parties that hold it, is coordinated, collated and supplied to the person making the request in an appropriate format within one month of the request being received.

Our Subject Access Request Policy and Procedures document outlines the general responsibilities that need to be complied with and may be useful as a template for local processes to be put in place to ensure that requests are responded to appropriately and within the statutory timescale.

Where there is no Neighbourhood Watch association in place Neighbourhood Watch Network can offer guidance to local groups and coordinators to ensure the necessary information is provided. Click here to contact us.