Our AGM is always a great opportunity to get people together, share our successes and our vision for the future. Here are some things we got up to in the September 2019 AGM.

Know Our Board
David Huse, Chair of Neighbourhood Watch Network, summarised the changes to Trustees namely Alison Braganza, Ken Pease and Jessica Taplin resigned from the board since the previous AGM, and sadly Rachel Griffin passed away. Craig Cox and Alison McWhinnie retired from the board at the conclusion of the AGM. The board was unanimously agreed as David Huse (Chair), Joe Pearce (Vice Chair), Kardaya Rooprai (Treasurer), Derek Pratt (Secretary) and Kirsty McHugh (Trustee). David Huse will be stepping down in March 2019 and an agency led recruitment campaign is in place to appoint a new Chair.


‘The board will grow in skills and strengths to deliver what you need’

David Huse


A snapshot of what we celebrated
In the past year we have moved our central support team to London and become more professional. We have delivered self-assessment tools, grown our knowledge in IT and new member registration, developed new toolkits and best practice guides, provided support around fundraising, developed small grant potential and reviewed branding. Work on developing a core member offer and a measurement tool is well underway. We have developed new partnerships and we are increasing our footprint on social media with key simple messages.


‘We continue to maintain a position of financial strength. We know where we are now as a charity and that gives us the opportunity to execute our deliverables.’

Joe Pearce


We discussed our future
John Hayward Cripps, our CEO, shared ‘Plan on a Page’ which outlines key work areas we are delivering on in the next two years such as: improved IT systems, core member offer and measurement and impact of Neighbourhood Watch. The central support team will be finalising a detailed growth plan by December 2019 to grow our membership and reach new audiences.


‘From an IT perspective, this time last year one of the big challenges for us was moving our IT strategy forward and making it easier to use particularly around new user registration. There has been a lot of work in the past 12 months around understanding and planning how to transition from where we were to where we want to be as an evolutionary process.’

John Hayward-Cripps