The Dominion DN4 Neighbourhood Watch team in Doncaster set up a Covid-19 Food Relief project, delivering emergency food parcels to local residents in need.

This was a referral service, with referrals received from the Council, Social Services and local schools.

We received funding and planned to make up just over 100 food parcels. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, organisations and members of the public, we were able to continue running for 12 weeks and sent out a total of 357 boxes to families in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been our absolute pleasure to be able to provide this service in our local area. We had a wonderful team of volunteers who gave up their time, money and expertise to enable us to continue delivering the service for so long.

All of the volunteers are working, some had children to take care of and home schooling and others were working from home but still formed an amazing team putting more vulnerable members of the community first.

Dominion DN$ Neighbourhood Watch team