NW Street Signs

Coordinators who have already asked for signs in their area have been contacted and plans are in hand for installation of the signs by our Community Safety Team.

Coordinators who have not already applied for street signage and would like some, please contact Abbie Ball and let her know.

NW Window Stickers

The new design window stickers have now arrived and any coordinator who would like a supply to distribute to their members locally, should contact Abbie Ball by email to let her know

The stickers can also be displayed in members' cars.

As these are funded by Neighbourhood Watch, please encourage your members to register on if they would like to display a sticker.


The Joint Control Centre run by Wandsworth Council kindly hosted three tours of their facility for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and Members in the first week of April. Chris Cullen, the Business Development and Technical Support Manager for the facility was our guide and explained why they are so very much more than "just a CCTV control room".  "It was a real eye opener" was the universal feedback from our members.  If you would be interested in joining a similar tour at a future date, please register your interest by message to


2023 AGM

Output from the Associations Annual General Meeting can be downloaded from the area below.

nw street sign