We understand that we cannot always be available to volunteer.  This could because of an illness, move away, retire or pass away.


Ensuring the continuance of your scheme is important, after all, you have be the centre of it and brought your community together.


Consider getting a deputy

Simply finding another person in your scheme can help you with the day-to-day running of your scheme, as well as someone to look after things if you find yourself suffering from a short term illness or off on your travels.


Recruit more members

There may be more people in your community that have not yet joined Neighbourhood Watch and so consider doing a recruitment drive to find new members.  Young families, younger people and many others with various life experiences and skills.  Managing a family is no mean feat.


Involve your local PCSO

The local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) knows many members of the community and they may have some suggestions for you.  So please do check with them.


Link up with local Coordinators

It may even be wise to link in with your local Coordinators to see if they may be able to take on your scheme, if needed.