Our partners Co-op Insurance have been asking a huge variety of people from all across the country what they love about their homes as part of their #lovethisplace social media campaign.

You can hear what some of them say on these videos [links below].

Now they’re asking us to take part in their visual census. It’s an online mosaic that they want to fill with special photos of homes all over the UK. And they’d love it if our pictures could kick things off.

By highlighting the little things people love, from beds to boxes of memories in the attic, they are trying to bring a much-needed element of fun to the world of insurance. The campaign is designed to show that they understand how much people’s homes and communities mean to them and
ultimately to raise awareness of the fact that Co-op Insurance is here to protect these special things.

If you want to take part you can upload your picture to the mosaic by visiting www.coop.co.uk/lovethisplace to get involved.

Keep an eye on the Co-op Insurance Facebook (facebook.com/coopukinsurance)

and Twitter (@coopukinsurance) pages to watch the rest of the videos.

You can hear what people say about what they love on Co-op Insurance’s videos: