Shaun from Hull is crowned winner of the Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch 2020 Neighbour of the Year competition.

A well deserving winner, Shaun Blagdon is a beacon of hope for his neighbours on Ella Street, where he was born, and his wider community in Hull. Shaun has done so many things for his neighbours, but really stepped up during the difficulties of this year. 

As the nation went into lockdown in March, Shaun rallied his neighbours together to form a network of community volunteers who helped support vulnerable and shielding neighbours. The scheme was so successful that it became part of the City of Hull’s official response, while many of the 400 volunteers in the group have become firm friends as well as good neighbours.

Shaun has long been a great neighbour to his friends in Hull. He runs a Facebook page called “Only on Ella Street” as a friendly forum for residents to swap stories, tips, ideas and safety information.

As if that wasn’t enough, Shaun also helps to organise the Ella Street Festival. With parades, fair rides, stalls and live music, the event is always a great community get-together. This year, due to the pandemic, Shaun had to think on his feet to make sure the festival still went ahead with Covid guidelines in place.

“As we went into lockdown, and before the city council’s response was up and running, Shaun got in touch with friends and distributed hundreds of leaflets across this area of Hull, seeking people to help as well as those who needed assistance. 

“Shaun is very much part of the reason Ella Street is seen as one of Hull’s most desirable places to live and he has long been a community champion.”

Shaun’s neighbour, Elizabeth Heywood, who nominated him for the award

“It’s such an honour to have won this award - 2020 has been such a strange year for everyone and it’s been a pleasure to spread a little bit of joy to my neighbours.

“I really believe that being a good neighbour is about looking out for each other, and I hope I’ve encouraged people to actively get out and support their community – even virtually.”

Shaun said.