This August we’re teaming up with Nextdoor – the free and private social network for neighbourhoods – to get neighbours talking and sharing a brew together!

So this month why not #shareacuppa with a neighbour and help make your neighbourhood a friendlier place.

Nextdoor is joining Neighbourhood Watch and The Challenge, two of the UK’s largest and most important social cohesion charities in a simple call to action.

The three organisations are together calling on everyone to take the #nextdoorneighbourpledge – a promise to share a cup of tea with one neighbour during the month of August – click here to take the pledge!

“We’re delighted to support the pledge and look forward to encouraging our members to take part. At Neighbourhood Watch, we know the amazing things that can happen when neighbours come together.”

Lynn Farrar, Chair of Neighbourhood Watch

The three organisations also called on the Government to consider the creation of an official National ‘Good Neighbours Day’ in 2018, building on the work of Brendan Cox in developing this year’s Great Get Together.

At a time of rising concern about the negative effects of social media on mental health and wellbeing, Nextdoor has also published the first ever formal evaluation of the platform’s impact in the UK.

The study, conducted by leading academics and experts in social capital and community cohesion, concludes that Nextdoor is helping people to feel safer after dark, more able to rely on neighbours in times of need, more trusting of one another, and more satisfied with both their neighbourhood and their life in general.

The research comes just weeks after the Royal Society for Public Health found that four of the most-used social networking sites made feelings of anxiety worse the more people used them.

But the new study, authored by Eddie Kane, a Professor of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham, with a foreword by Dame Louise Casey, concludes that Nextdoor is helping to build ‘social capital’, with neighbourhoods becoming stronger, safer and happier places to live.

Nextdoor has grown rapidly since launching in the UK last September, and now operates in over 11,500 neighbourhoods – over 45% of all UK neighbourhoods.