Here in Tower Hamlets, a densely populated inner city borough, we have started a 'Power of Hello' campaign. We use a colourful, environmentally themed campaign poster, which represents a popular graffiti on a wall in our borough.

For our borough, air quality is currently an important talking point. Using a picture of David Attenborough with tropical bird, shows we are keen on including that. A thoroughly modern campaign, aiming to raise the quality of communication and life for our residents.

Hello, is a very important word, which can break down the anonymity barrier between people and create an indicator of intention. It is also an important tool in many ways. Those wanting to rob, will know they are sussed, if somebody hellos them and then leave the area and their intended burglary immediately. Those feeling isolated will realise they are noticed and neighbours are friendly.

We'll also invite people to design their own posters in support of the campaign.