Neighbourhood Watch and Co-op Insurance have joined forces to launch a new UK-wide safety initiative that aims to give students the right tools to create safer, happier and more connected campus communities.  

Billed as a Neighbourhood Watch for young people, the programme will incorporate a new Student Council set to launch in November, made up of ten representatives from universities across England and Wales, who will meet on a termly basis to set a collective agenda to promote safety, increase wellbeing, become more connected to the wider community and minimise crime. 

Students are invited to register their interest in joining the new Student Council by visiting

Representatives will also be provided with toolkits to run their own campus events to tackle issues such as campus safety and mental health.

The Lookout – a free termly magazine written by students for student s– will be available both online and in nearly 300 Co-op stores based in or near university campuses. It will feature advice on safety, wellbeing and how to get involved with local community initiatives.  

Top tips for personal safety:

  • Make a plan of where you are going and tell someone your plans so that they know when you’re likely to be back
  • Make sure valuable items such as jewellery, watches and mobiles are out of sight
  • Make sure your mobile is fully charged when you go out
  • Make sure you secure all windows and doors in your flat/house when you’re out

Charles Offord, Co-op Insurance Managing Director, said: “As students return to their university campuses for the new academic year, we know that many may be feeling vulnerable and concerned for their safety. Together with our partners at Neighbourhood Watch, we hope that Student Watch provides a platform for change and the new Student Council which lies at the heart of this will ensure student safety remains at the top of the agenda.”

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO at Neighbourhood Watch Network, said “At Neighbourhood Watch we are very conscious of the higher risk students are at from certain types of crime. We want to support them to work together to increase safety on and off campus and bring community action and inclusion to the student body.

“We’re very pleased to be launching this initiative with our friends at Co-op Insurance and look forward to working with the Student Council and the wider student community to develop how student community safety looks going forward.”

Students with a TOTUM card can also get 10% off their groceries at any Co-op store.

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