Neighbourhood policing has never been more important to our communities than now. It is key to rebuilding trust with the police which will encourage the sharing of information leading to safer neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Watch has worked with the National Neighbourhood Policing Leads to produce a ‘Framework.’ The Framework acts as a building block for better relationships and working practices between Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and Police Officers at a local level. 

This work began in response to the many requests from Police Officers, Neighbourhood Watch Associations, and volunteers, for nationally agreed guidance on good practice, liaison and working together. 

The Framework contains commitments from both Police and Neighbourhood Watch to work together to share information, to encourage communities to join their local neighbourhood watches, or to create their own. Importantly, it also commits them to get involved with both crime prevention and community support activities – sharing advice and information with residents to help them keep themselves and their property safe. 

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch says: “For Neighbourhood Watch groups across England and Wales this is extremely welcome news and will give them more confidence in working in partnership with the police. It will also remove barriers, bringing the organisations closer together and will therefore make them more effective. 

“This was a very important piece of work and one that we are extremely proud of – it strengthens our connection with Police Forces and demonstrates our commitment to tackle crime to achieve safer more connected communities.” 

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