Sutton Neighbourhood Watch, which is a registered charity, was created in 2000 to help develop, coordinate and expand Neighbourhood Watch across the borough of Sutton. It is non-party-political, non-sectarian, is a community initiative supported by the police but not run by them, so success depends on what our members make of it. Although independent, we work in partnership with the police, residents’ associations, local authorities and other agencies to reduce crime and disorder. In short, to help make Sutton a safer and better place to live, work and raise our children.

Covering all 18 wards in Sutton we provide assistance and advice to the Ward Coordinators who work with their Street Coordinators and ultimately with all members and the community.

Working together to beat crime in: Beddington North; Beddington South; Belmont; Carshalton Central; Carshalton South & Clockhouse; Cheam; Nonsuch; St Helier; Stonecot; Sutton Central; Sutton North; Sutton South; Sutton West; The Wrythe; Wallington North; Wallington South; Wandle Valley and Worcester Park; we provide members with a multi-layered support structure through the Street Coordinators, Ward Coordinators and the Committee. All members have direct access to and receive support from all levels of the association. In the absence of a Street Coordinator, or even a Ward Coordinator, the member is cared for by the Committee. This essential service ensures that residents always have access to advice and support when dealing with issues.

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