Cameron Close (NSW90)

Scheme information

Our scheme covers the following locations. Cameron Close, Cameron Drive, Cameron Crescent, Crawford Avenue, Melrose Avenue, Lyncrest Avenue, Lovat Drive, Ellesmere Avenue, Franklin Crescent, Bants Lane, Windsor Crescent along with a few members in Malcolm Avenue. Anyone living in these locations are very welcome to join our scheme. Simply make contact, fill out a membership form and you are then a very welcome member. Our aim is to work closely together to protect our homes, ourselves and our property. Advice on personal and home security is available from your coordinator 'Stan' who is trained in home security surveys. This service is free and can be very worth while. Most homes can be made more secure by the most simple of applications and more so, Your Activities. e.g. making sure your home is locked both when you are at home and away from it. There are of course many other simply activities that you and your neighbours can do to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of crime.

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