Broadmeadow IP8 3SP

Scheme information

The initial contact regarding setting up the NHW scheme for Broad Meadow IP8 3SP was succesful and visits are made periodically to capture other residents may have been missed, or to enroll new residents. Current uptake of our NHW is 75%. The scheme is to be available to all residents, to aide communication and preservation of our security. A monthly NHW Newsletter is generated and delivered to all members electronically by email, members who do not use electronic communication receive a hard copy. The scheme is self funding and sponsorship will be sought for any requirements of the NHW.

Scheme coordinator

George Dix
An 82 year old lady was conned of more than £250 by 3 men in a white van and it was brought to my attention, she is a friend of my wife. My near neighbour had their van broken into one night and CCTV picked up the criminal who was trying all boot & car doors, this footage was passed to the local police. On my initial fact finding letter I asked who was interested in a NHW scheme and several persons were. At the same time neighbours were telling me that their cars and garages had been broken into. What more can you do, than get a scheme up and running to benefit all neighbours, if they want it?
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