The Bridge Dartford

Scheme information

Ours is a brand new development being developed as a mixed use community combining residential & business. Currently there are over 500 residential dwellings with continuing construction to a maximum 1500. As the on-site security (The Bridge Estate Management Company) does not cover the residential tranches I decided to try & start a NhW scheme here. As of date we have 202 households registered, from every road & most apartment blocks, and have had a very successful launch meeting with our local PCSOs, their sergeant and the community liaison officer. We have 12 street coordinators/deputies and are in the process of dividing the estate appropriately between them. This has also decided the PCSOs to hold a monthly surgery in our community room as well to support us, and meeting every 2 months with TBEMC security manager to share information.

Scheme coordinator

Heather Keam
This scheme is open to everyone that lives at The Bridge Dartford, lots of new members wanted, whoever built your home!
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