We are delighted to offer to our volunteers a dedicated website where they will be able to access training, resources and have to opportunity to chat with other volunteers in the same role, but in another part of England and Wales.  

The volunteers in our movement are really important to us and we wanted to ensure that the information, support and training that they need to fulfil their role is available to them in one place.

Once you have signed up to volunteer, we will ask you complete the online form to enable you to have access to your dedicated website. We will check that you are a registered volunteer that has registered through our website or through our Affiliate programme and once accepted you will be given a unique sign in for you to have access to the site.

Volunteers that will be able to have access to the Volunteer Hub will be:

  • Coordinators of schemes or groups
  • Association Committees & Officers
  • Cyberhood Watch Ambassadors
  • Communities That Care Volunteers
  • Community Champions
  • Affiliate Programme Volunteers
Volunteer Hub

To register to access our Volunteer Hub, please complete the registration page HEREOn the form you will be asked to fill in your name, email address and from what Force or London Borough that you are registered in.  We will ask you also what your role is and to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by our Code of ethics and standards, Data protection policy and our Volunteer agreement.

Once we receive your completed form the registration will be processed (this may take up to 5 working days) and if you are not registered on our central membership database, then we will check with your respective Force Associations that you are registered on their database.