Together for Good: The Big Curry

This winter, Neighbourhood Watch and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity are getting Together for Good again, so get your pans hot, your chopping boards ready and set a dining table with a difference.

In September Neighbourhood Watch and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity launched a fundraising initiative bringing neighbours together to share a meal whilst raising money for both charities. Together for Good, The Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry ran throughout September, with supporters of both charities holding events bringing together neighbours, friends and family to share a meal while making connections and raising awareness for the work that both charities do. We know we have shared values as charities – the importance of home and community; the meaning of safety and support; and the value of connections and starting conversations.


We got great feedback on the partnership, so we’ve decided to continue the positive spirit generated by this initiative into the winter months. You can host a Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry at any time — either at your home, in a community centre or taking over a local restaurant— asking neighbours, friends and family for donations or to bring a dish.


To help unite the Together for Good spirit, we are launching Boxing Day Big Curry this year! Invite your neighbours to pop over for a poppadom, try a turkey tikka with your leftovers, or a Boxing Day Bhuna – a great way to bring your community together and start conversations while raising funds for two special charities. There is no minimum fundraising amount – the goal is to have fun and bring people together. There will be free recipes and games to try out with your friends, family and neighbours so keep an eye out for more this December.


If you can’t take part in the Boxing Day Big Curry, don’t worry, you can still combat the cold of winter this January by opening your home or local community centre with the smell of cooking and join in with Janu-Curry! Use free recipes and the spices in the back of your cupboards to create cooking magic! With every penny raised, you will help build friendlier and safer neighbourhoods and the Army family in one (any money raised will be split equally between Neighbourhood Watch Network and ABF The Soldier’s Charity).

If you’d like to find out more or how to register to hold a Neighbourhood Watch Big Curry event, contact us at

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity (1146420) is a grant giving charity that has been celebrating 75 years of helping soldiers, veterans and their families since it was founded in 1944.

“Communities are most resilient to crime when neighbours look out for each other. What better way to get to know your neighbours than by sharing a meal with them? We’re really proud to be partnering with The Soldiers' Charity on this special project.”

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO, Neighbourhood Watch Network

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