Please contact your local local Neighbourhood Watch Association representative if you need stickers. Associations can place bulk orders for stickers with the Central Support Team.


Street signs are a great way of showing that your community cares about preventing crime. 

Each individual scheme is responsible for deciding where to hang signs and for putting up the signs securely and maintaining them. Sign Location and Fitting Formal planning permission should not be required to fit new signs which comply with the 1992 Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations (see below).

You should however, notify your local authority as to the location of each sign and ensure that any fixing equipment complies with their regulations. In some cases, the local police and / or your local area Association may have prior agreements with the local authority as to type and fitting of each sign. Generally, signs must not be illuminated, be at least 2.2 metres above street level but no higher than 3.6 metres above street level and ideally placed on concrete and steel lamp columns maintained by the local authority.

If a suitable place to fit a sign cannot be found, consideration may be given to placing in on a post, wall or fencing on private land. Written permission from the land owner is necessary before a sign can be erected in this way.

Neighbourhood Watch street signs must NOT be placed on the following:

  • Any road traffic sign
  • Any road traffic signal
  • A telegraph, telephone and electricity columns (unless express permission from the company has been given).

Supply, maintenance and insurance

The supply and maintenance of Neighbourhood Watch signs may vary from county to county and may be issued by the local police or Association. In some cases, schemes may incur a small charge to cover purchase costs, or be directed to an approved supplier for independent purchase. It may be worth obtaining quotes from a number of suppliers as costs will vary based on quantity and material.

Neighbourhood Watch licensed suppliers can be found below.

All recognised Neighbourhood Watch schemes following the above guidelines, in line with local policy, will be covered by Public Liability Insurance, free of charge. 

Conditions and limitations

  1. No such advertisement may exceed 0.2 square meters in area.
  2. No such advertisement may be displayed on highway land without consent of the highway authority.
  3. The local planning authority shall at least 14 days before the advertisement is first displayed, be given particulars in writing of the place at which it is to be displayed and a certificate : a) that the scheme has been properly established b) that the police authority has agreed to the display of the advertisement; and c) where relevant, that the consent of the highway authority has been given.
  4. Any such advertisement shall be removed within 14 days after a) the relevant scheme ceases to operate b) the relevant scheme ceases to be approved by the police author it ; or c) the highway authority withdraw their consent to its display
  5. Illumination is not permitted
  6. No character or symbol on the advertisement may be more than 0.75 metres in height, or 0.3 metre in area of special control
  7. No part of the advertisement may be more than 3.6 metres above ground level.

Approved Suppliers

The following companies have been licensed as a print supplier for the use of the Neighbourhood Watch trademark.