Spotting a Fake Website

In November 2019, we announced a 12-month partnership with cyber security firm Avast, called Cyberhood Watch.

This initiative has been set up to help members and their families and communities keep their digital lives safe and secure, by providing resources, information and practical advice via our networks and the Avast Cyberhood Watch webpage.

Since the campaign launched, the initiative has been covered in The Telegraph and our CEO, John Hayward-Cripps, appeared alongside Avast’s Pete Turner on several radio stations throughout England and Wales in November and December, providing practical advice to consumers on basic cyber security dos and don’ts, and how to secure smart devices.

Think you can spot a fake website?

Cybehood Watch has released a game for you to test your ability to tell the difference between a real website and a fake website. Try it out here:

Cyberhood Watch surveyed over 14,000 members of Neighbourhood Watch and have created a report ‘From Neighbourhood to Cyberhood: Perceptions of Cybercrime in the UK’ on the findings.

The report looks at what people fear more — physical crime or cybercrime, the impact of crime, our understanding of cyber threats, and how people are protecting themselves.