Millstone Way Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

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I have set up MILLSTONE WAY NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH SCHEME for our development in Waddingham. The development covers 15 properties.I have also invited residents close to Millstone Way, who are also wishing to be included in the scheme. Really happy to confirm that we have gained members from other Waddingham residents. I previously was Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Old Rectory Gardens at Sturton by Stow, whilst living there. Particularly concerned to start a scheme as many people use our road as a cut through, walking their dogs and gaining access to the fields behind our property. I recently had to report a man in the field late at night, and indeed he was right up to our fence watching our teenage daughter.........I wish to be of assistance to my local community. I would be happy for the scheme to cover more of Waddingham if it was wanted by other residents in Waddingham. I hope this will bring our little community together and be of assistance to each other, and also extend the scheme if it is wanted.

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