Klondyke Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

The watch comprises a rectangle of parts of 4 streets in Methil, Fife and takes its name from the Klondyke coal mine which was on this site until the early 1950s. The Streets are Den Walk, Sea Road, Memorial Road and Keir Hardie Street, and include Council Tenants, Private Lets and Owner Occupiers. Our Watch is also part of a larger area comprising a Tenants and Residents Association and joint meetings are held bimonthly. We started the watch 15 years ago when, despite the Police Station being located in Sea Road, we were experiencing some minor vandalism, a few house (and garden shed) break-ins and could see drug dealers operating within our locale. These problems have since reduced and we have set up a "no cold calling" area and, working with the T & R members, have improved the area as part of Beautiful Scotland's "Its Your Neighbourhood" scheme.

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