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I am the Group coordinator for the whole of The Fairway. Individual sections of The Fairway are covered by coordinators who are responsible for small sections as follows: Paul Balakrishnan at 28 covers odds 1-11, evens 26-30 George Hixon at 32 covers odds 13-25 and evens 32-36 Brian Tait at 45 covers odds 25-45 David Rootes at 47 covers evens 38-58 Valerie Guzzetti at 62 covers evens 60-90 Sukhjeet Nijhar at 53 covers odds 49-59 and evens 92-96 Andrea Morrison at 67 covers odds 61-75 Mary Moore at 83 covers odds 77-89 Joan and Kevin Dean at 99 cover odds 91-101 Viv Nicholas at 104 covers evens 98-112 In the event of a crime or suspicious circumstance in The Fairway, the coordinator above, in whose section the incident occurred, will ensure that the police have been made aware, and will contact me immediately. I then alert all the other coordinators, and any in adjoining roads that I consider might be relevant to the problem.

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