Community Assistance Network, Newsome, Huddersfield

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The scheme was started 12 years ago due to ASB or certain parts of the area. Much of it was with youths from other areas. At one time I built up a radio linked network, the duty PC would also carry one of my radios to monitor the events. We had 22 radios linked over a wider area of Newsome, Huddersfield, covering 2 square miles. We also were linked into the local shops in our area whom were given our radios to use. This worked very well until the radios broke one by one. As people noticed the difference in our area due to our efforts, working closely with the Police NHW Liaison, Dave Whitteron, we leafleted our area with local crime sheets to keep everyone informed. Our priority was the general welfare of the many elderly in our area, working with the 3 schools and residents, to make our area a safer, cleaner place for all to enjoy!

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