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Name of the scheme; Crescent Watch (formal title Elvetham Crescent Neighbourhood Watch). To promote and establish a forum and meetings for all owners, tenants and their representatives to attend if they want to. To feel able to contribute to and help in solving all kinds of problems and issues in our local area, in the most timely and effective means when they arise. To foster a more caring and helpful environment for everyone in residence on Elvetham Crescent. Aims and Objectives; 1.To address and minimise Anti Social Behaviour on E.H.Village Green and its adjoining areas of the Sports field and recreation areas. The key areas to address are; a) Damage to Vehicles and Property abutting the Green caused through Ball games, b) Littering. c) Loud Foul Language. d) Dangerous Ballgames causing a hazard to persons and Traffic using Elvetham Crescent, Elvetham Way Road and Pathways. 2.To reduce Incidents of Crime By making our neighbourhood as safe a place as possible through: a) Educating and encouraging all residents to be vigilant. b) Take sensible steps to protect property and person. c) Use all available material and literature to promote a safer caring neighbourhood. 3.To help and encourage our local Beat Bobby and Safer Neighbourhood Team to help us Through; a) Establishing good regular communication with these bodies or people. b) Encouraging meetings and groups to participate in liaising with these persons to help us solve problems. c) Establish on going communication with the Parish Council to flag up issues affecting our local area . d) Attending regularly Council meetings to follow up on action steps and drive solutions forward. 4.To provide Support and Look Out For; a) Those in our local community and neighbourhood who may feel isolated, threatened or vulnerable. b) Most importantly, our Elderly residents,Disabled residents and persons on their own. By being aware of our neighbours and checking occasionally to see if they need help or assistance.

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