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Striving for Safety's neighborhood watch simple goal is to reduce crime in the immediate area and foster community cohesion with a common goal. The principal reason for starting this group is as a result of being a victim of burglary, vehicle interference, and a hit an run ALL within this small area. This small "bungalowed" estate is used as a rat run by motorists and a cut through for the opportunists on a daily basis. The surrounding green space makes the area a burglars dream as they can quickly disappear. Sadly the old faded signs are no longer a deterrent and the speed of the cars will one day result in a fatality. Through input from all of us we can identify our weaknesses and with the help of governmental and independent information and education I personally hope to make our small yet perfectly formed "estate" a quieter, safer and friendlier place to live. Principal Areas are: Frank Webb Avenue Westbourne Avenue Sandiway Road Falmouth Road Windsor Avenue Brooklands Grove and Underwood Lane Enterprise Park.

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