Redbourne Drive LN2 2HG

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This scheme will cover all of redbourne drive & Haydor Avenue, ermine east, lincoln including the ermine junior school. to improve estate safety and prevent crime. Also to keep an eye on each others property and to report any anti social behaviour and crime.

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Scheme coordinator

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Hello my name is Gavin Ward and I took on the role of Lead coordinator for the neighbourhood watch scheme for Redbourne drive, to improve safety for the residents and to set up a No cold calling zone and obtain brand new neighbourhood watch signs to reduce the number of cold callers knocking on our doors, which has been successfully set up and is now running. I have also successfully had a waste bin placed on Redbourne, and have applied yet again for a dog waste bin to be placed. I hope that you will join us in the neighbourhood watch scheme so we can all help each other. we look forward to meeting you soon. Gavin Ward Lead Coordinator Rick Borman Coordinator
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