Mescott Meadows

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There have recently been some attempts at car thefts in this area, as recently as last night in Mescott Meadows. Some members of the neighbourhood have voiced their wish for neighbourhood watch and would like the rest of the street to join us, to look out for our neighbours and be vigilant in preventing and reporting crime. We want to lower the crime rate and the oppertunity for criminals to act in this neighbourhood. Knowing which cars frequent the street and which are out of place, keeping an eye on peoples vehicles, houses and children. We all have a part to play, if we can prevent it happening to our neighbours then we can prevent it from happening to ourselves.

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Mrs Katherine Carr
Mrs Katherine Carr, deputies Richard Kenchington and Louise Findlay. Residents of Mescott Meadows. Member of Hampshire Constabulary and regularly attend the residents meetings to keep up with the local information to be disseminated to the members.
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