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The Whistle Town Neighbourhood Watch scheme covers the Barratts Great West Quarter (GWQ) development. All residents and staff will be included in this scheme, this will cover all residential blocks and the Skylon Hotel. We will be working with the local neighbourhood scheme set for Brentford and will aim to tackle all aspects of criminality within the GWQ development. Everything will be covered, helping residents and staff to feel safe in their neighbourhood and environment, i.e, car crime, burglary, all street crime, unauthorised access to GWQ, etc... The Whistle Town website for residents and staff for GWQ will have all vital information for this neighbourhood watch scheme, relating to meetings and who is co-ordinating and part of the scheme from the front lines. We aim to have all residents on board soon, and again, will be working alongside the local team already setup covering other areas of Brentford. More information on the Great West Quarter (GWQ) development neighbourhood watch can be found on www.whistletown.com under the whistle town neighbourhood watch scheme.

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