Ulverley Green Road and Ravenscroft Road

Scheme information

This Neighbourhood Watch scheme covers houses on Ulverley Green Road and Ravenscroft Road. The initial scheme started in 2011 following a spate of shed break ins and targeted car crime. The main advantage of being in the scheme is to receive the email updates from the Police about current activity in our area and preventative tips to stop us becoming victims. A huge bonus from the launch of the scheme was getting to meet neighbours that we didn't know and as a result we had two fabulous Street Parties, one for the Royal Wedding and another for the Diamond Jubilee.

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Scheme coordinator

Chris Dunster
I started the NHW scheme in Ulverley Green Road following our shed being broken into and a bike being stolen. It started small and grew into the whole road. In February 2017 I decided to extend this to include Ravenscroft Road until such time as someone in that road would like to take it over. I am a stay at home Mum so am around much of the time during the day which enables me to undertake the NHW duties required. I am also passionate about litter and have set up a couple of monthly litter picking groups to keep our local area tidy.
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