Whitstable Park

Scheme information

This scheme was started in 2010 with the intention of allowing each resident to register on the Police Community Contact website and be aware of local issues in the immediate area. In March 2012, the scheme was expanded to cover Whitstable Park, Mersham Court, Chislet Court and Petham Court. Due to numerous break-ins and vehicle thefts in the Upton Rocks area, further information has been requested to distribute to residents with the assistance of the CSO. This will now be done in the form of a monthly update from information received from Cheshire Police. If you would like to become a member of this scheme, please register and you will be contacted to receive a HomeWatch Pack. Priorities are: 1) To make residents aware of recent types of illegal activities and update on Police arrests. 2) Give residents information on how to register on the Police Community website. 3) Distribute UV marking kits. 4) Provide information to residents of the advantages of using SMARTWATER marking kits. 5) Ask residents to report or challenge unfamiliar activity. 6) Provide monthly updates to residents via email or meetings when required.

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