Lynwood Avenue & Ripley Avenue

Scheme information

E5 Lynwood Avenue/Riplley Avenue Nominated as I was a mum with smaller children we were the first street in Egham to start a NHW scheme that was 28 years ago.We now have RHUL students living in our community having experienced stolen garden orniments beer/wine bottles thrown into resdients front gardens Tesco Trollies dumped in the middle of the road students using these for joy rides vandalsing vehicles broken windscreen wipers jumping on car bonnets.Since liasing with staff from the university and attending police panel meetings has helped us over the years. It's the best thing I did taking this task on as it has got worse since Landlords have bought family homes to provide student occomodation.The university is a short cut via Lynwood Avenue via gates they have climbed over causing no end of problems