Walton Air Ministry Estate

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Our watch group was created, in part, as a way to counter growing antisocial behaviour and small but increasing acts of vandalism on the Walton Estate. The idea was put forward late in 2011 and the group came into being in the New Year of 2012. The watch covers the streets that surround and are adjacent to the football field/park on Whitemill Lane. The group meets bi-monthly at the Lamb Inn. At the moment we have the one coordinator (Craig), but as the scheme is expected to grow, more administrative positions are likely to be needed. Walton is by-n-large and pleasant and peaceful estate and suffers little crime in comparison to many estates, especially those in cities and suburbs. However, we feel that our watch will enable to drive the crime that does exist in the community to nil, while at the same time increasing the sense of well-being and safety for all members of our estate, young and old. If you'd like to become part of our group we would be happy to welcome you aboard:) Please contact the coordinator or get in touch with us via this web site.

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Scheme coordinator

Craig Patrich Ashton
Hello and welcome to the details page for the Air Ministry Estate NHW scheme. I'm Craig - husband, father, uncle, and long time resident of Walton, Stone. My background is largely food retail sales management, and I'm also a qualified nutritionist. I became interested in the NHW when my long suffering neighbours began repeatedly experiencing problems with local louts and inebriates. This occurred along with a growing number of cases of anti-social behaviour. As a youngish and physically fit father, I felt a certain moral responsibility and obligation to help both myself and those neighbours around me less able to do so, to take on the fight to reclaim the peace and enjoyment of the area. In the few years we've been running I think we have come together to help largely eradicate the scourge of society with which we had been afflicted. A NHW presence and sufficient signage in the area to highlight this is an important and simple strategy to tell the "unwelcome" to stay away if they cannot behave. This has been utilized to great effect in our scheme, and a slowly increasing membership also adds weight to our cause. If you live in an area where a NHW scheme operates I strongly suggest you join it. It is totally free and requires little to no personal involvement or financial investment. Please support your local watch. Best regards, Craig (AMEN Coordinator).
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