Warwick Ward

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I co-ordinate via email distributors in this area of Melton Mowbray Known as Warwick Ward, which currently has 34 Streets on the system. Ankle Hill, Banbury Drive, Barker Crescent, Burton Road, Blakeney Crescent Brownlow Crescent, Cambridge Avenue, College Avenue, Cornwall Place, Cotswold Close, Craven Street, Dalby Road, Durham Close, Essex Close, Gartee Drive, Gartree Court, Gloucester Avenue, Gloucester Court, Goldspink Close, Hamilton Drive, Hartland Drive, Hartopp Road, Humber Drive, Kirby Lane, Lincoln Drive, Meynell Close, Norfolk Drive, Oxford Drive, Queensway, Richmond Drive, Sandy Lane, Somerset Close, Sussex Avenue, The Drive, Worcester Drive, Wymdham Avenue.

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