Addlestone Moor

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The Addlestone Moor Scheme is a relatively small "Watch" covering 30 residencies and was started as there had been several incidents in the area and after my house was burgled. I surveyed the residents to see what interest there would be to starting a NHW scheme and as I had a good response I decided to initiate our present scheme with the help of the PCSO for our area at that time (Sue was her first name, her surname escapes but she has since retired) This scheme has been running for over two years now and, although there have some issues, the area does seem to be relatively trouble free since the scheme started. Several, but not all, residents take an active part in keeping an eye on things and contact between us is fairly frequent and we have got to know people that we may not otherwise have done. Our priorities are to help keep the local area problem free and to keep an eye on our surroundings in general and to help one anther where possible.

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