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We cover eight roads within St Wilfrids neighbourhood watch. Burleigh Road, Daulston Road, Ewart Rd,George street, Glenco Road, Hampshire Street, Harcourt Road and Langford Road. We started the scheme, because their had been a series of arson attacks in George street. Also we felt the community spirit had gone. In the five years I have been doing this, we regulary hold afternoon Tea in our local Pub the Graham Arms every fortnight with the elderly, but all ages are welcolm. We have also held three community christmas parties, in St Wilfrids Church for the local children. Our aim is to reduce crime, and the fear of crime. Get the community spirit back by working together, and get the feel good factor back into are community by looking out for each other, and by being good neighbours. Which over the past five years we have achieved. The watch also gives us a voice to say what we would like to see in are area changing. And by working with are local councillor David Fuller, our Community Wardens, Police and Trading Standards, we can achieve are goals, and make are area a safe and pleasant neighbourhood to live in.

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