Stapleford & Bramcote

Scheme information

Welcome to the Stapleford & Bramcote web page, which is designed to help you communicate, through the Neighbourhood Alert electronic communication system, with your local Neighbourhood Policing Team and other members of Nottinghamshire Police, and, if you are interested in Neighbourhood Watch, your local coordinator. By signing up to become a member of the site, you will receive Neighbourhood Alerts from Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch and can use the site to report information about crime, suspicious behaviour and antisocial behaviour you see or hear in your area. The service is completely free to use, you decide how and when you would like to receive Alerts and control who can send you information. Alerts are graded into five priority levels and you decide what priority level of message you are prepared to receive. This means you only receive the information you want, when you want it and only from the organisations you want it from. You will be sent information about crime trends in your area and community safety and crime reduction advice. Occasionally the police will appeal for information about recent crimes and ask you what priorities you want them to focus on in your area. You do not need to be involved in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to join Stapleford & Bramcote, but if you do run a scheme or are interested in starting one, this website is designed to support you. The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is designed to bring together local volunteers to help prevent crime and to make their communities safer places to live. Our aim is to provide up-to-date information direct to registered members in order to support two-way communication between you, Nottinghamshire Police and Neighbourhood Watch, and to work together to reduce crime in your area. If you are registered with the system, you will be able to report information about antisocial behaviour and suspicious behaviour, which will be passed on to Nottinghamshire Police and to other authorised administrators. By doing this, you can provide the police with valuable information about criminal activity in your area and help shape the priorities they focus on.