Bowbridge Thrupp Residents Association

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To pass on and receive information from the police, NHW members and others. To share information with members of the Bowbridge Thrupp Residents Association (BTRA) which includes the NHW. To raise awareness of crime, types of crime and to make our area as crime free as possible. To encourage all residents to pass on any information no matter how small to the police using crimestoppers or telephoning 101. This can be done either through the NHW co-ordinator David Mansfield chariman BTRA & NHW e-mail: bow.thrup2010@yahoo.com AREA: BOTH SIDES OF BOWBRIDGE LANE GOING UP FROM LONDON ROAD TO FIELD HOUSE GARDENS. WHOLE OF GUNHOUSE LANE. BOTH SIDES OF THRUPP LANE FROM LONDON ROAD TO THRUPP PRIMARY SCHOOL. LOWER PART OF CLAYPITS LANE FROM JUNCTION WITH THRUPP LANE. BOTH SIDES OF LONDON ROAD FROM BOWBRIDGE LANE TRAFFIC LIGHTS TO FOOT PATH ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE ANTIQUES EMPORIUM, GRIFFIN MILL.

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David Mansfield
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