Doe Lea 390

Scheme information

A mixture of established and recently developed houses covering the whole of Doe Lea Village. The scheme will facilitate community spirit and make all residents feel safer. It covers: North Street, East Street, Old School Close, Southdown Close, Northcote Way, West Street, and Old Mansfield Road (Heath Road).

Scheme coordinator

Derek Weston
Derek Weston is our Area Co-ordinator and has lived at 78 East Street since April 2010. He is retired after a life�s work in the NHS. He is married to Sue and they share their home with a rescue dog, Jess. Derek is very keen to see the Doe Lea Neighbourhood Watch grow and become one of the best in Derbyshire. He says it must encourage the great community spirit that exists in Doe Lea and be seen as fully supporting local residents, providing home, vehicle and property security, fire safety advice and reducing crime. Derek is fully trained as a First Contact for the Derbyshire scheme which can put people in touch with a whole range of agencies to help with all of the above, as well as benefits entitlement. Derek is also Chairman of Chesterfield & District Neighbourhood Watch and serves on Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Association Trust (DNWAT)Derek can be contacted at any time on 01246 852 492 or 07813 563339 or derekvweston@yahoo.com
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