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I started up Homewatch after we had a burglary several years ago. To get things started I had a meeting at our house so that everyone could meet each other. Although many of the neighbours had lived side by side for a good number of years, many had not met each other because of the sizeable plots. Members of the police supported me on this evening by attending for part of the session. We looked at crime in our area. It was a well attended and enjoyable evening with everyone getting to know each other. I devised a brief contact info form and invited neighbours to complete if they so wished, making it clear that this info would be safely stored. Everyone except for one family returned the form. I didn't chase it as was keen for it to be voluntary. I am a nominated keyholder for more than one neighbour and as a result of this info myself or my husband are able to assist in the event of an alarm being set off. We have frequently helped out when neighbours alarms have been set off - all fortunately false alarms! Often neighbours will let me know if they are going to be away on holiday and we keep a watchful eye. Everyone is very good at telephoning me if they have had a burglary, incident or even if they have seen something suspicious. I then produce a Newsflash sheet and hand out to all my Homewatch members. Without this info many of us wouldn't be aware of the local crime on our street. Because of a busy full time work committment I chose not to take on the whole of Ladybrook Road or the nearby flats.

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