Burwood Park Road

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The 'Burwood Park Road', Hersham, Surrey Neighbourhood Watch scheme was set up by Terry Gough in the early 1990's to enable thoes living in Burwood Park Road to hear about local crime and Police suggestions on to how to avoid it. After Terry Gough retired in 2009 the scheme was jointly taken over by John Endacott and Edward Meryon to give a co-ordinator in each section of the road and so that one can cover for the other when away. After John Endacott moved to Devon in 2014 Edward Meryon took over the whole road. In 2016 Edward Meryon was appointed Deputy Chairman of Hersham Neighbourhood Watch. In 2016 Woodside Avenue and Charlton Avenue were added to the Burwood Park Road NHW scheme. If you own a property or are currently living in Burwood Park Road, Woodside Avenue or Charlton Avenue you are welcome to join our scheme. Equally, if you live in one of the immediately adjoining roads who otherwise do not have a NHW / NHWN scheme you are welcome to apply to join.

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