Montrose Street Neighbourhood Watch

Scheme information

We cover Montrose Street plus its 3 terraces of Chestnut, Carrisbrooke and Montrose Avenues plus part of Dansome Lane that fronts Montrose Street. We started the watch because 2 good people lost their lives to a bad house fire this year and we had a family of travellers move into the street and caused Hell for all of us residents. I have lived in Montrose Street for 28 years and had never seen it so bad. 3 of us went door-to-door to raise money for flowers for the couple that died in the fire and people started to talk to us about how the street had gone down hill with the sort of people that were moving in and disprespecting the properties and their neighbours plus the sudden rise in crime good people were wanting to move out and that was not an option. We felt we had to do something before it was too late.