Queens Walk Watch

Scheme information

Queens Walk Watch- established 6 years ago as a result of persistent anti social behaviour. Three problematic housing tenants addresses. Criminal damage to cars (on street parking) The Walk consists mainly victorian houses and is close to Peterborough City Centre. Members meetings held with police and other agencies. Members concentrated on providing community intelligence. Enforcement action was taken and after around 18 months problems resolved. 6 signs erected, smart water kits and purse bells circulated to members. Very positive feedback from members especially has they felt happier because they now know their neighbours and felt less issolated. Members meetings take place less frequently now as this are less problems in the Walk. Scheme includes householders survey to gauge actual degree of problems. WE are well equipped now to respond to any future problems. Now have an e mail with members.

Scheme coordinator

Alan Paul
Alan the Street Coordinator has been in the role since the beginning of the Watch. Formally a policeman in Cambrideshire and a community safety manager with local governments. Alan is open and friendly and is always keen to help you out. He is ofen in the area walking his dog Maisy and gets to know much about whats going in. Members are kept upto date by e mail
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