Chester - Garden Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Scheme information

This scheme, originally a small local one registered many years ago, is now run mainly via email to fit in with modern life and covers a much larger area. Membership is based on residence in the Garden Quarter of Chester and is open to all interested in receiving information about community safety. You do not need to own the property you live in - if you live here you are a member of the local community. It should be noted that the map shows only the area where most members of this scheme live; however, if you live anywhere in the Garden Quarter you can register to receive information by email (or, very rarely, by phone). The only call on members' time is when they are asked to pass on information or warnings to elderly or vulnerable neighbours not reachable by email. We do not hold personal information other than name, address, phone number and email address and this is held securely and not shared.

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